Carp fishing bite alarm set
Carp fishing

New Direction Co.,LTD established

New Direction electronics was established in 2009,and specialises in Bite Alarms. Our annual sales have now reached 200,000 PCS.

Carp Fishing

New Direction developed the in-house design Team

New Direction has put together a team of expertise to cover design, technology and performance.

We believe that a great quality product should have superior functions and superior looks.

Bite Alarm

New Direction use a Test Team for all Carp fishing tackles

To keep an eye on quality and product development New Direction has listened to the voices of its customers, and identified their specific requirements and preferences. The company has designed and produced a range of exciting products for our customers with our vision of becoming the most popular brand available.

Bite Indicator

New Direction Bluetooth Carp Fishing Alarms

The world is moving fast when it comes to technology and New Direction are keeping pace.   Almost all our lives are controlled by technology. The new Carp fishing Alarm set from New Direction has undergone some radical advances to keep pace

New direction carp fishing tackle

New Direction,New Brand

In light of these advancements New Direction decided to bring to their clients these amazing products under the New Direction brand.